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How long has it been since I wrote a journal entry on DA? Two years? Yeah, that sounds about right. I've not been here at all during that time it seems, having moved most of my activity to tumblr and all that, yet I assume I should let some of my new art appear here as well. 

During these two years a few major changes have happened to my life. I moved to a bigger city, started studying archaeology, stopped studying archaeology, began studying Japanese and have carried on with that. I have laid out a more solid life plan for myself for once, because going with the flow seems to not work for me whatsoever. I have become engaged to a wonderful person of whom I've been with for four years, and at the same time, I have been through some heartbreak on other accounts. Going from adolescence to adulthood is not an easy task, and I don't see myself doing it all that well as of yet, but I am determined to keep going with all that I have and defeat every burst of depression and self doubt that comes along on the way. 

Artwise I had a major halt the summer of 2014 due to my computer no longer functioning properly enough to allow me to draw. Until summer 2015 I could do no digital drawing of any significance, and seeing as digital art is what I always enjoyed most this stopped me drawing almost entirely. Summer 2015 I acquired a new computer at last, yet shortly after my tablet ceased working, and it took me a few months to get hold of a new one that I liked. Since then I have worked on getting back into the drawing game, shaking off the rust and attempting some things I did not dare before. I do hope to keep growing, but art is not my major focus anymore, but more a fun hobby that I indulge in. 

Perhaps I will be able to properly return to regular updates on Deviantart, but I wouldn't count to hard on it. For certain updates on art and just silliness in general, you can however visit my main tumblr: Hananosaintjuste or be more daring and visit my nsfw artblog: Mazedrawsnsfw The latter is 18+ only and contains a lot of gore, so please be warned. 

Have a lovely day now!


eternitymaze's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I EAT J00!

Never mind who I am, I just do what I want!
Acceptance of not being exceptionally good at one thing, but a bit over mediocre at most things drives me forward. If it was not for this I'd probably collapse!

My main fandoms are Phantom of the Opera, Professor Layton, Takarazuka, Homestuck and everything by the year 24 group. (aka the great 49ers) I have a lot of other fandoms too, which is probably visible, and I have more original characters than I need.
I run a Phantom themed askblog; , but updates are rare these days.

Now I have nothing more to say~
Good bye!

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Sammael-Sin Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Happy Birthday!!
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Do you do art trades? 
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Happy Birthday in two days Maze. ^^

Guess I better come and say that now cause chances are I'll totally forget on the day itself. :D


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Crydius Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Hey Maze, remember a little while ago when I told you I didn't use a tablet ? Well, I've been looking into some stuff but it's all kind of new to me. You work with a drawing tablet if I remember correctly right ? Do you have any advice on the matter, or is there anything you would recommend ?
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